Waste paper and other stationery, broken and damaged furniture; these often consist of most of the office waste found in most office blocks. This consumes space that could be utilised to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity. Office clearance companies are always better suited to clear of such office waste and junk. There are different things to consider when choosing an office waste clearance service provider. They include;


  • Cost; the cost incurred for the provision of these services matters much. The size of the office may play a big role in determining what the service provider will charge you.
  • Frequency; the frequency of the office clearance in surrey by the service provider is also an important consideration. You can arrange with the office waste clearance company to be collecting rubbish on a weekly basis, or after every few days, depending on the amount of waste generated by the office.
  • Licensed; the office clearance service provider should be licensed in order to be on the safe side with the law. A licensed service provider will give you peace of mind at all times.
  • Insurance; the insurance of the various workers responsible for the clearance is also something you should never ignore. In case of any accident, a company that had insured its workers would be better suited since liability would not directly fall on the office.
  • Well equipped; the clearance company should have the required equipment for the job. For any office waste that can be resold or repaired, it would be beneficial to have a service provider that has the equipment to safely handle them. As for the waste disposal, equipment for transportation and responsible disposal are paramount.


The office environment needs to be kept neat and appealing. Hiring qualified office clearance professionals is a very good idea and a step in the right direction; it even makes everyone more productive.

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